Welcome to the YakData Community Forum

YakData SmartManager products are the fastest way to build, deploy and maintain production-quality servers with leading open source data server products.

Have an issue with standard deployment of SmartManager for ShinyProxy? Whether you found YakData’s system on AWS or Github, this is the place to ask questions about how we designed SmartManager to fit the needs of most organizations, including capabilities, bugs and limitations.

If speedy and easy deployment of SmartManager for ShinyProxy is your priority, utilize YakData’s AMI on AWS [ADD LINK!!]. If you don’t mind the extra work or you require flexibility in your deployment, go to the GitHub repo to “roll your own” deployment [ADD LINK!!].

As a heads up, complex or customized deployments are beyond the scope of this forum, although experts at YakData are excited to work with your organization directly on strategic projects by providing consulting services. Contact us at https://YakDataSupport.com by filling out a support ticket that summarizes your project needs, and we’ll contact you with more information.

Thanks for your interest in YakData SmartManager for ShinyProxy.