Activate the YUMMY License for commercial use with YakData products

SUPERCEDED by Apache 2.0 license!

YakData SmartManager products are now licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. This is retroactive for all releases prior to this change on November 27th, 2021. This document remains here for AWS deployments or earlier installs.

Until the next release of YakData SmartManager, commercial users are hereby authorized to use the steps in this non-commercial post for licensing of their server.

Earlier information
We are pleased to share the YUMMY license instructions for commercial use with you. NOTE - if you are using a product by YakData on AWS or another cloud provider, the commercial license is included in the AMI pricing, please refer to the AMI page for activation steps. If you are using the server for commercial purposes, purchase a license key at

Commercial activation in 3 steps

  1. Find the license file for the YakData product you are using. For example, YakData SmartManager for ShinyProxy license is located at /yakdata/webassets/license.status.

  2. Edit the file.

nano /yakdata/webassets/license.status
  1. Use <CTRL+K> to delete the top line in the nano session in step 2. Paste in the text form the license.status attachment you received in your e-mail from purchase of an annual license. <CTRL+X> in the nano session, “Y” to save the file on the server.

You should now be able to use the product without further notices and are now licensed as a commercial user!

Thanks for your support as part of the YakData SmartManager community. Please share this product with colleagues, friends and forums that may benefit from it.

All YakData SmartManager products can be found on GitHub at